• Siblingship DNA Testing In New York.


Siblingship DNA Testing

Sibling DNA Testing In New York

For Siblingship DNA Testing In New York: Use 23dna For siblingship DNA testing in New York, then we here at 23dna can offer you a full service at a fraction of the cost. We do not believe that something as vital as DNA testing should cost a fortune, but even though we have lowered the cost we have not lowered the quality of our service and with us being fully accredited with the AABB and our work being accepted in court, you know that you can trust our results.

We make everything very easy as there is no need to come into a big laboratory or wait for an appointment as instead we simply get you to take your own sample with our kits and then post them back to use when you are done. After we receive them, our team get to work and we then send only you the results and there is no need to fear others being made aware of the test even having taken place unless you tell them yourself.

We are proud of our work at 23dna and we are proud of the way in which we look upon our clients privacy as being an integral part of our business, so if you are looking for siblingship DNA testing in New York, then hire us here at 23DNA to ensure you do not only get the results, but you are treated as a person as well.

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