• Non-Invasive DNA Testing In New York.


Non-Invasive Paternity Test

Non-Invasive DNA testing in New York

Prenatal testing has evolved over the years, and new methods have been introduced that are safer for the patients. Recently, studies have indicated that non-invasive methods can be used to determine paternity. Non Invasive DNA testing in New York takes sample from maternal blood as well as samples from paternal blood (alleged) to find out the paternity of the child.

23dna employees AABB accredited labs that offers non-invasive DNA testing in New York. The test analyses fetal DNA and fetal cells in maternal blood and compares the genetic profiles of mother's DNA, father's DNA and fetal DNA. So, now you do not spend thousands of dollars on expensive invasive techniques for paternity testing. With 3000 centers all over the country, you can give sample at any of our collection site. At 23dna, we provide fast, affordable and reliable results. Whatever query or doubt you are having, our support reps are always eager to help you.

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